Was für die meisten von euch der Film „Girls Club“ sein mag, ist für mich seit eh und je der Streifen „Clueless“. Auch wenn Lindsay Lohan echt ein Argument für sich ist, kommt gegen die kitschige Komödie aus dem Jahre 95 nur wenig an – Immerhin gestaltet sich die Story als klebrig-süße Masse aus Designerkleidern, Mädchenzöpfen und Teenie-Problemen à la Hollywood. Und auch wenn die Klischees sich hier nahezu schematisch die Türklinke in die manikürte Hand reichen mögen, ist meine Faszination für den Film seit meiner Kindheit die gleiche geblieben. Dies liegt natürlich nicht zuletzt an der High-Tech-Styling-Area der Hauptprotagonistin. Wechselnde Kleiderstangen per Knopfdruck, Outfit-Auswahl per Mausklick – Ein Traum.

While some of you guys may refer to the movie ‚Girls Club’; I keep loving ‘Clueless’ instead. Eventhough Lindsay Lohan is an outstanding argument on her own, it’s still beaten by the trashy comedy from 1995 – After all, the story is presented as an sticky-sweet dough made out of designerdresses, girly tails and teenproblems á la Hollywood. And even if the stereotypes seem to pass the pistol through manicured hands, my fascination for that movie stayed the same since I was a kid. Certainly due to the High-Tech-Styling-Area of the main protagonist. Clothrail changing by pressing a button, outfits are picked via mouseklick – a dream come true.





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2 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. Nicci sagt:

    Girls Club was great, but I do have to agree and say that Clueless, was better. It was the first to do that kind of movie, really, although I should pay credit where it’s due to 10 Things I Hate About You as well.
    I think what I loved most about the movie is that it’s so nineties, and yes, it is full of clichés, but that’s even one more reason to love it, because it was just so darn hilarious.

    So yeah, I’d say I agree with you, and cool blog you’ve got by the way, although I’d stress you to get someone to check your English- it wasn’t per sé wrong, but no real english speaking person would write that way- it’s almost like Google translated it. But uhm, don’t like take personally, because otherwise this was cool :D

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